Mercia is about helping Local Authorities to plan and execute their cremation and burial strategy.

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Almost 80% of crematoria in England and Wales are owned and operated by Local Authorities and most are over 25 years old. This pattern is however changing because of capital spending constraints and the introduction of rules restricting mercury emissions which come into force in 2012.

The sites for Mercia’s first three crematoria at Ollerton, Bury and Chorley were purchased from Local Authorities who chose not to develop or operate themselves. Two of these Councils receive a share of cremation income.

Areas where we can help include;
Need may already be established by an existing crematorium. If not Mercia carry out a demographic analysis to measure need and the location from which it can best be met.
Site Identification
A crematorium is land hungry, requiring some 6 acres to provide for gardens of remembrance, landscaping, scattering of ashes and the necessary car parking. The 1902 Cremation Act states that the building must be not less than 200 yards from the nearest residence and 50 yards from a public road or footpath. This applies to much rebuilding or extension as well as new build. We seek to balance these requirements against planning guidelines on transport, sustainability and the environment to give the best chance of a development acceptable both to the funeral industry, the bereaved and the wider community.
Town Planning
Mercia have in house town planning expertise. It is our skill to consult and weigh need for a crematorium against other planning considerations which can often be adverse. A sequential analysis of possible sites is a valuable tool to achieve this.
Design and Build
Mercia employs specialist architects. We can quickly produce concept sketches of site layout and building design. We work closely with cremator manufacturers and are familiar with their installations needs. Our designs are simple and cost effective but planned to create a tranquil setting for mourners, both within and outside the building. They must also address environmental issues, both in relation to nature and the surrounding countryside and also in use, by measures such as heat recycling.
Finance Options
Mercia do not operate crematoria. We can and do procure operators. However this leaves us complete flexibility in the arrangements we make with Local Authorities. We can buy freehold or long leasehold sites, develop and let to an operator. We can design and build for a Local Authority to own and operate themselves. We can enter into a partnership where the Local Authority has an income share. The chosen route depends on the financial, and sometimes staffing, course that the Authority finds most attractive.
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